Office Address 8F, 7th,Azuma buildg.1-9, Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded May,1949
CEO Kosei Wada
COO Mitsuharu Nagai
Telephone (03)3255-4466
Facsimile (03)3255-4360
Line of Business Magazines Publishing and Portal Web Site Management

Our Magazines

Audio Accessory
Quarterly magazine, issued on 21st of February, May, August, and November.
Special magazine for the listeners seeking higher quality of sound, introducing pure audio components and accessories.
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Hometheater Phile Plus
Quarterly magazine, issued on 25th March, June, September, and December
Make your living room into a movie theater! Invitations for a home theater.
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Quarterly magazine, issued on 15th March, June, September, and December
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Net Audio
Quarterly magazine, issued on 19th January, April, July, and October
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Cable Taizen (Issue of Audio Accessory)
Now irregular
Magazine that encompass audio and speaker cables, the most popular goods in the field.
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Dengen & Accessory Taizen (Issue of Audio Accessory)
Now irregular
A cyclopedic magazine covers every items for good sound, from power supplies, insulators, to cleaners.
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Office Map

1 minute's walk from Akihabara Station or 3minutes' walk from Iwamotocho Station