The Autumn of Prizes

The year-end sales push is finally in full swing. It’s also grand prix season at our company. We would like to throw ourselves into all the various prizes based on our corporate philosophy of “making a constructive contribution to the sector” which should make the year end sales push a success.

Looking 37 years back, we established the Audio Excellence Award to commemorate the 30th anniversary of our founding. This award went on to be noticed by the audio specialty stores and audio critics who make up juries, and made a major contribution to the growth of the industry. It is now considered to be the core of the various audio awards.

Following on this, the “Audio Accessory Excellence Awards” and the “Analog Grand Prix” which derived from it now also play a big role in vitalizing sales pushes. By shining a light on small accessories such as cables and power sources, there is no denying that they have contributed to a deepening and broadening of the audio industry. The magazine “Analog” which was launched in 2002 created the current analog boom. Its contribution was significant and the “Analog Grand Prix” award for high-end analog equipment continues to draw attention both in Japan and overseas.

In a world where conditions change rapidly, more and more people are becoming audio users, and my observation is that this is very much a stable industry. This is a wonderful thing for the industry itself. It must be protected beyond generational considerations, and we must put all of our energy into contributing to this. From this perspective, audio awards are of particular importance.

On the visual side also, the industry has had to move beyond the Lehman Shock and the Eco-Points bubble and restructure itself amid ongoing repercussions, and the “Visual Grand Prix” is almost seen as a savior of the industry.

At this stage, the focus is on 4K resolution products, and manufacturers are also being energized by the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020 with a flood of solid products hitting the market. With so many strong products this time around, I have great expectations, and I am convinced that the VGP will become a force in vitalizing the market. The VGP has developed strongly, whatever the circumstances, as a fundamental concept for the healthy development of the industry, and I would like to see it continuing to fulfill this role. The “Home Theater Grand Prix” is also attracting attention in promoting the ever-strong home theater boom.

In addition, the “Audio Excellence Awards”, “Analog Grand Prix”, Audi Accessory Excellence Awards” and “Home Theater Grand Prix” will also be posted in Chinese language media.

Our industry is an industry of peace and this is something I am proud of. I am also aware that it is a gift from heaven to human beings and I am thankful for that. So, there is a strong feeling that a duty remains to make it prosper further, and this is the time to promote that feeing further.

I recently received some “kabosu” citrus from my home town. They were grown by JA Takeda and so are of high quality. The season is shifting to autumn.