Words of Wisdom

Natural religion
Natural religion is the essence of understanding. First of all there is the universe, then the solar system, then the Earth, then nature, then living things, and then human beings. Nature is teacher and truth.

Existence and nothingness
Although I was an avid reader of the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre in my younger days, please understand that this concept does not come from Sartre痴 澱eing and nothingness but is the starting point of my own personal views and thinking. It has been at the root of my thought right up to the present day. I believe that 兎xistence and nothingness is an understanding of time. And indeed that seems to be the right answer.
My own understanding of time and light (in other words, existence and nothingness) is as follows: Light circles the Earth 7.5 times per second. The distance that light travels in a year is called a light-year. Light reaching the Earth today has traveled over tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of light-years.
I believe that this high-speed and infinite continuum of light is 兎xistence. For example, today the average longevity of human beings is estimated to be 80 years. In the world of light-years, 80 years is no more than a twinkle. It is the equivalent of 渡othingness. Human existence is the continuum of time, in other words, life.

Spotlight on 100 years of human life
I believe that light shines on human beings for a period of 100 years. Over these 100 years, the phenomena of birth and decline are repeated in a continuation of human existence. Three generations exist in a span of 100 years, which is why three-generation marketing is so essential. Human beings, and indeed all living things, exist by sowing seeds to continue the process of time.

Looking from afar: the observing eye
It is indeed convincing to looking at yourself from the viewpoint of the universe, the Earth, and the world and, as I have said, to see human beings in the perspective of time. Bringing the process of 斗ooking from afar closer to home, observing the present from the vantage point of three years or five years down the road means making various plans and taking action.
Of course, we can never be completely certain what it will be like in five years time. But unless we get more than 80% of the answers right, we will be doomed to failure. Companies with a future are those that draft a lot of hypotheses and examine and check them. I think the same is true for individuals as well.

Tomorrow痴 today
Thus, the misfortune occurring today is the result of not having taken steps for the future in the past. There are few external factors involved. In order to create happiness in the future, it is necessary to read the future today and take steps accordingly.
If we do not look at the present from the future, from afar, and only take the fortune and misfortune occurring now into account when making plans, we will almost certainly fail. Everything depends on whether today is 土esterday痴 today or 鍍omorrow痴 today.

People who love human beings are good at business
This maxim speaks for itself. There are men and women in the world. But the important thing is to understand that before men and women, there are human beings. At that stage, 杜en and 努omen are unnecessary. Then the respective roles of men and women and their special qualities become evident. That is the starting point for loving human beings. Love of human beings is the source of all happiness.
This is the fourteenth year since the beginning of the twenty-first century. Nature and human beings continue to exist.