Phile-web Direct Marketing System


In the previous issue, I discussed our corporate philosophy, “Market creation,” by which we mean contributing to the constructive development of the industry. In this issue, I would like to report on the recent status of our work. I believe that this article can contribute to the development of the industry in a significant manner, and I want readers for me to understand that I included my view in this report selfishly.


Phile-web was launched in the autumn of 1999 and began operating on a commercial basis in June 2000 when the concept of an audio-visual portal site was clarified. Since then, the site has continued to develop in accordance with its core concept, and by June 2007, it had grown to 160 million hits and 12 million page views per month.

Collaboration with Yahoo!, which is accessed by 45 million people, started in April of this year, and we have entered the third month since Phile-web along with ITmedia was placed in charge of AV consumer electronics news within Yahoo!’s navigation. The top 10 news rankings are posted every day, and news distributed by Phile-web often accounts for more than 70% of the total and frequently has the number one position, indicating its overwhelming strength.

In the Yahoo!’s AV consumer electronics news, “Visual Grand-Prix 2007 Summer” related topics are distributed as big news on a daily basis. This means that the VGP has been thoroughly established as the “standard award.”

As a result of the collaboration with Yahoo!, visitors to the Phile-web site have increased rapidly and Phile-web’s position has solidified.

Establishing True Direct Marketing

“Only companies with a strong Web presence will survive.” This was the policy that I announced at New Year’s in 2000. I believed in doing everything in-house without outsourcing and in hiring and training the outstanding personnel necessary to achieve this. We are now in our seventh year, and we have truly become a magazine publisher with a strong Web presence in both name and action.

One thing that shows the powerful impact of Phile-web is the holding of events that show demonstrations of new products directly to customers. The most important aspect of these events is in attracting customers to the site. And it is also important to attract customers who have purchasing intent and to procure purchases from a certain percentage of them. The effort required to attract customers, however, is considerable, and we do not often hear of tremendous successes. On the contrary, there are numerous instances where businesses are unable to recover their expenses.

Phile-web, however, solved this issue. Individuals who are interested in AV equipment gather on Phile-web, and sponsors are able to attract the people they want. Events days start with a full capacity of customers, and end with purchases even for products that cost 6 million yen. We are also to gauge persons who plan to make purchases in the future and those who are considering a purchase, which provides valuable information for future product plans.

We are entering a period when true direct marketing is possible. We call this the Phile-web Direct Marketing System (PWDMS). This system has already established a record of success, and we look forward to your inquiries.

The ability to attract only the customers we want and to turn potential demand into actual demand is the true strengths of Phile-web.