Building a Robust Industry

I have received a lot of support for my three recommendations --- the super-quality declaration, the two-way theater declaration, and the pure audio renaissance --- and I intend to forcefully promote them for market vitalization and the healthy development of the industry.

In view of such factors as the development of full-spec thin-type hi-vision TVs, the creation of a market for next-generation DVDs, and the full-scale digitization of terrestrial television broadcasting, it can probably be said that digital household appliances have entered an age of evolution through quality.

Seeing the rising tide of this age, I would like to make a few recommendations in order to thoroughly follow through on the vitalization of the industry and market creation. It is necessary to send out a strong message for this purpose. Without such a message, we cannot create a grand cause.

Recommendation 1: Super-Quality Declaration

Needless to say, it is now taken for granted that televisions are thin and flat, and, because of their full-spec and high-definition qualities, it has become commonly accepted that they are completely different from conventional products. Moreover, the emergences of the HD-DVD and Blu-ray formulas are creating a really high-vision world. Surpassing high quality, this quality will take us into an era of super quality. In addition, through the diffusion of terrestrial digital broadcasting, it can be said that we are entering an age in which users will be able to fully experience and enjoy the benefits of super quality. In this magazine, I would like us to loudly sing the praises of the super-quality age and, thoroughly examining the situation from various angles, do our utmost for the diffusion of digital audiovisual products.

Recommendation 2: Two-Way Theater Declaration

The possession of large screens and thin-type televisions naturally has also promoted home theater, and today home theater is becoming more and more prominent. Panasonic痴 proposal for theater through its VIERA-Link and the advertising effect can be said to have made owners specifically aware of the possibilities. Previously home theater was promoted by audio makers and the like, but the concrete proposals by TV manufacturers are strong and can be said to have brought the latent awareness of home theater among owners of large televisions to the surface. At the same time, in a survey of the owners of large-screen televisions, more than 40% of the respondents answered that they also wanted to enjoy projection screen. Although various issues remain, it can be said that two-way theater combining television and screen has come closer to reality. If two-way theater is realized, the owners of 50-inch televisions will seek 100-inch screen or larger models, and they will also demand free setup. Fixed private rooms or special rooms are the usual style, but the combination of television and screen theater in a free-setup style depending on your taste is also becoming common. The reason is that living rooms are by far the most common settings. We intend to steadily promote the two-way theater declaration and create cultural bases for users.

Recommendation 3: Pure audio renaissance

What is required most of all today is a pure audio renaissance. At the very least, the members of the baby-boom generation are not going to let go of pure audio and music, and people who enjoy the iPod are sure to be attracted by real pure audio sound. Pure audio sound is indispensable for people who enjoy movies, too. For some time, though, I suspect that we have not been sending a proper message for this purpose. When people purchase televisions and assemble digital AV equipment and so on, surely it is only natural for them to develop a longing for pure audio as well.

There are other important issues, such as universal design and environmental consciousness, but I would like to make the above three recommendations as the core of market creation and vitalization.