Welcome to the Global Human Nation

Phile-web, the audiovisual and home theater portal site, has registered 14.3 million hits a month, and hopes are now running high that the target of 20 million hits a month can be reached before the end of this year. It means that around one million computer users who also like audiovisual and entertainment are browsing the site. These people are the vanguard when it comes to purchasing AV equipment, and they also serve as advisors when their friends want to buy. It is no exaggeration to say that it is these people who have the authority to decide on product purchases. And it is they who decide the total image of makers and retail stores.

I first realized the greatness of the Internet when Windows 95 appeared. It signified the breaking down of national borders and the emergence of a global human nation. Since access is possible from anywhere in the world, I firmly believed that the barriers that authoritarian leaders erected to protect themselves would collapse like water soaking into sand.

Today, when the Internet has become a fact of life, there is no meaning in making forecasts about the future based on ways of thinking belonging to the time when the Internet did not exist. Indeed, in the age of the Internet, new values are created, and new morals are born from those values. Such is the extent of people's desire for improvement.

Phile-web is accessed by people all over the world. There is, naturally, access from Asian countries, such as China and the Republic of Korea, and from North America and Europe, but there is also access from island countries of the south, like Tonga, and from Australia and New Zealand. That is what makes the Internet so awesome. People related to audiovisual in Japan's outpost organizations appear to enjoy the site like they would a daily newspaper.

A portal site on the Internet does not have any value unless it brings together a lot of people from around the world. And the strength of a specialist site is that it brings together people with a high sense of purpose. Phile-web is one such portal site.

Why is Phile-web so strong? The reason is that Ongen Publishing is a contents maker with a strong medium directed toward makers, distributors, and users. Accordingly, it is possible to manage Phile-web with contents that display originality to the full. It is this originality that is causing a stir.

From now on tie-ups between strong sites are going to make headway. Phile-web has established many alliances, including with Asahi Shimbun and Rakuten. We want to develop these complementary alliances even further and grow into a huge site. Clarifying a concept that firmly reads the future and is eternally unchanging, building a core with that concept as an undercurrent and philosophy, and promoting that core at high speed with high targets and strong convictions - that is Phile-web.

The Audio Excellent Award and the Visual Grand Prix are transmitted to the world in English versions. It is no exaggeration to say that audiovisual fans around the world are taking note of these two awards. In the broadband network age, Phile-web will continue to make a sound contribution to the development of the industry.

On the way to 20 million!
14.3 million hits a month achieved in September!!