Our Phile-web, an audiovisual and home theater portal site bringing together fans of audio, imaging, and home theater, achieved 10.4 million hits in March. And with new contents, the number continue to increase. It looks like we will be able to reach 20 million hits a month by the end of the year.

Phile-web, which started out in July 1999, has achieved spectacular growth to get to 10 million hits a month in a brief three-year period. Here is a list of possible reasons why.

(1) Clear Concept
In products, store development, and any kind of strategy, the lack of a concept grounded in its essence is a sure indication of failure. Phile-web was conceived in anticipation of broadband services from 2005, as a specialized audiovisual and home theater portal site. At the same time, we were convinced three years ago that the time would come for specialized sites by industry or lifestyle, and we have thrown all of our resources behind it.

(2) Consistent Policy
Ever since its founding, this company has had a consistent policy of "participating in building development for the industry." All of our business operation has followed this line, and we are also proactive in voicing suggestions to the industry. The industry is made up of the three pillars of users, dealers, and manufacturers. Many people are apt to forget about the users, but I believe that users are undeniably right in the middle of the industry. Phile-web is operated with absolute belief in this policy.

(3) Abundant Contents
In order to enable operation of a site specializing in audiovisual and home theater, you need plentiful contents and a strategy, as well as the right staff. Our site is a veritable treasure chest of contents. SENKA 21 is absolutely unbeatable in terms of contents spanning the whole industry, with the top audio magazine seasonal AUDIO ACCESSORY, which specializes in everything related to pure audio; AV REVIEW, which is a real digital AV publication that encompasses both hardware and software contents; and Japan's one and only periodical dedicated to home theater, Hometheater Phile.

(4) Own Management
The management of abundant contents should all be our own. Even if you have a superior boss and he has a wonderful strategy, it will all remain a figment of your imagination unless you have the "dream team" that can make it happen. I have been through 10 difficult years of recruiting, but I have made every effort to hire the best young employees.

Now this "dream team" in unison is involved in running the site. This means that we do not need to subcontract anything. As a result, whatever we think up, we can make it happen.

Phile-web is riding its second wave now and is on its way to the 20 million hit mark. The first step toward that is strong contents, such as the weekly web magazine New Products Review, which was recently introduced with the catch phrase "This is where hit products are born." It has gotten off to a good start since its March 20 introduction. I would like to start creating hit products.

It is never a good idea to rest on your laurels and be complacent. I feel very strongly now that I want to make further contributions to the industry's development.

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